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Welcome to MeditYoga Inspira

“I am multiple and in my diversity I try to carry out with conscience everything that I have to do.”

It's time to introduce ourselves...

We are delighted to have you with us on this MeditYoga journey. Over the past two years, our lives have taken completely unexpected turns. On this side, we found MeditYoga a haven of peace and we are honored to share it with you. We started among friends, we challenged ourselves in front of strangers and today we see that all the women who accompany us have become “at home”. So, we understand that it would be fair in this first letter, a more intimate presentation.

'My name is Kainara, I'm a multiple person, just like you (more details about me will naturally come in future letters). Today, I would like to share with you a little bit of my relationship with Yoga, which started in my youth. I have to confess that I never dreamed of sharing this story in a newsletter like this. Since childhood, I have cultivated the yearning to understand what we came to do in this world, “what I am”, “why am I here”, “what is my earthly role” have always been very lively questions. I went through different paths until I arrived on the same road as in 1998, when I first tried Yoga. However, it was only recently that I woke up to the answers to my fundamental questions, which are in the study of the Sutras, the "Bible" of Yoga (we will talk about it in another opportunity). I understood that this practice goes far beyond the postures that my body is capable of doing. It is living the human experience with the curiosity that springs from the heart, with an authentic interest in the world. Yoga is union, integration, connection. Anyway. It is a much broader and more complete approach to what it is to be human, not limited to what we currently see out there. And because I am experiencing the teachings of this philosophy on a daily basis, I believe so much in its power. It is this practical application that I want to share here with you.'

'I'm Glória, partner and friend of Kainara, it's not even that long! I was raised between the enchanting beaches of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the intensity of the sport in Fluminense F.C., with access to good private education, and the mountainous region with a bucolic and fresh climate of Miguel Pereira. That's how I shaped the person I am today, clearly realizing the differences between a busy world, with many stimuli, with less contact with nature and the opposite of all that. A great privilege to be able to transit between these two worlds so close to each other but so far away on offer. Today I realize that this was the basis of my identity that allows me to appreciate so many different nuances with a certain intensity. It allowed me to find complementarity and transience in everything and to understand the lessons. And, Yoga, as a practice, didn't come before I became a mother. But, it arrived slowly and with force, little by little earning me the confidence of delivery. And at 53, I dove headfirst into the training of yoga instructors (200h - Yoga Alliance UK) and embraced the experience of yoga as a great present and future project. Yoga is, for me, a path of no return. Teaching and sharing the teachings of this philosophy is my personal challenge in this trajectory of living.'

Our proposal with the letters is to share with you in a light way everything we have learned in practical life, based on the theory of Yoga. Each week one of us will bring a reflection on some subject and, as our intention is to promote the exchange, we would be happy to hear from you too!

With love,

For your reflection:

How do I present myself to the world and what would I like to leave as a legacy for future generations?

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