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By practicing yoga and guided meditation with us, you will find that each class is designed to dedicate a moment of continuous self-care to you. Subtle inner transformations will begin to emerge as you surrender to the mat experience. Each themed-class is designed to evolve in a process aimed at your self-development, covering themes that facilitate your connection with inner peace, the exploration of new perspectives and the well-being of body and mind that you deserve to experience in your life. Our meetings are enriched with pranayamas, mantras, inspirational readings and the encouragement to journal from your personal journey.

In-person and online live classes*, via Zoom. 


* You will also receive the recording of the given class to practice until the following week.


We offer a mix of different styles of yoga in our classes that goes from Hatha Yoga to Yin Yoga. We believe that the root of Yoga is one and must be perceived in the body individually. Hence, we work with Yoga from within. The experience we offer in our practices aims solely at your experience and direct connection with your body in union with your mind through breathing. Therefore, each class consists of asana practice, breathing exercises and guided meditation.

Our classes address how yoga can promote a life with greater quality in the physical, emotional and energetic body. We offer content focused on well-being covering the philosophy of yoga, body anatomy, conscious breathing, emotion management and much more.

Classes in English and Portuguese.

Class times follow the London time zone. Check your local time.




Intentional Yoga (slow flow) and Meditation practice to start your day and week by reconnecting with yourself. Gentle practices with a short meditation every week. Yoga for all levels. In Portuguese

45 min. zoom live

MONday - 9:40 


MEDITYOGA on your time

restorative yoga

Gentle yoga classes (with yin yoga postures) with deep-rooted breathwork, guided meditation, inspiring readings, and mantras to bring body and mind to calm down leading you to a serene state of mind for a good night's sleep.

45 min. in portuguese

On-demand recorded classes for you to download at home


MEDITYOGA vitality

yoga to strengthen

Harmonized  Yoga (hatha) classes with meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to prepare body and mind for the weekend. In Portuguese.

45 min. ZOOM live

FRIDAY - 6:40 


MEDITYOGA For pregnants

yoga to relax

Individual and small group on-demand classes. Variety of techniques to induce body relaxation, connection with the baby, breathing relief and exercises to prepare for childbirth. Online and In-person.

30 min. to 60 min. ZOOM/in person

pre-arranged schedule


class at greenzone studio

YOGA for all

Stretch and relax with our Gentle Yoga and Guided Meditation Classes for all levels of yoga and meditation. 

For ladies and gentlemen.

wednesdays 12:15 - 13:00 ! 

fridays - 09:30 - 10:1! 

new class



Personalized YOGA

Sessions tailored to individual needs where we apply breathing techniques, meditation and yoga practice to work towards specific goals. An invitation to a deeper and supported immersion. Individual or small group classes. 

30 min. to 60 Min. ZOOM/in person

pre-arranged schedule


class at freelance studio

YOGA for ladies

Classes focusing on asanas, meditation and breathing in an environment specially prepared to increase your immersion and relaxation of the nervous system.

saturdays - 09:30 - 10:45 ! 

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