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Confidence is an achievement of maturity

“Confidence is an achievement of compassionate maturity!”

Building and trusting in every cycle

Each new season confirms my belief that nature in its simplicity has a lot to teach us. The colder autumn mornings that arrive slowly here in the northern hemisphere remind me that now is the time to slow down and look within, to investigate myself with openness and compassion, preparing my state of mind with resilience for the winter to come. come over.

My body in the maturity of the years lived in each cycle, indicates to me where I should work my look at physical health in the present. My mind shows me, in the thoughts witnessed, what I have been cultivating internally in the dialogues exchanged with me. And in this step I see myself in the daily exercise of self-care, adjusting the rudder and strengthening my confidence in the transience and cyclical movement of what it is to live, where life, like nature, unfolds in the fluidity of my existence.

This October, we brought the Focus module to the mat, working on internal strength and stretching with classes on the themes of detachment, mindfulness, compassion and confidence towards consolidating our emotional balance. Turning attention inward in connection with body and mind is the daily exercise of yoga practice.

Awakening to the vibrant and transitory inner nature, understanding that we are similar to it, is a process of self-knowledge and compassionate maturity that only time can teach us. May the end of this month bring us, in addition to the privilege of experiencing a new season, the possibility of fully experiencing ourselves in the confidence that we are where we need to be.

We invite you to participate in our thematic classes where yoga and guided meditation help us on this journey of daily self-development and self-care. Come with us!

With love,

Para a sua reflexão:


- Bring your hands to the place in your body where you feel you are a source of self-confidence;

- Connect with this space with compassion through breathing;

- Mentalize: this is my place of peace, in it I rest peacefully in the certainty that I am where I should be;

- Breathe and stay in that reconnection for as long as you wish.

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