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presence with detachment

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

“On contemplating the present with detachment”

If you live in the northern hemisphere, welcome to autumn, preceding the cold winters.

If you're below the equator, embrace spring as you transition into summer.

Whatever the season of the year, whatever the color of the sky or the outside temperature, we absorb a lot from these conditions of nature in our daily lives. Although we expect something pre-defined for each new season of the year, we can still be surprised by the preponderant force of nature's transformation.

We have our preferences, summer or autumn, for example. Preferences judged by the freedom we have for leisure activities, by mood and inner disposition, by the clothes to wear. But it is not always clear how we make connections between our inner nature and the nature around us.

With each new season we have the enormous opportunity to create new spaces to learn about ourselves. However, this exercise only becomes possible when we “land” in the present or else, we will continue to repeat behaviors from the past, complaining, reacting with dissatisfaction, in superficiality. Wishing it doesn't end what we love so much.

Living life with a little more depth requires experiencing the present, being attentive to the magic of events, of each encounter. Enjoying a sunrise and its nuances, observing a flower, a trunk and its furrows, touching and smelling the snow and letting the defoliation of the trees touch our heads, listening to the breath of the wind. This all represents incessant chances for a new awakening and this is perhaps the first relationship we have to respect: with the surrounding nature, from where we receive all the inputs for our life. The awareness process is completed afterwards with the blossoming of internal changes, new perspectives on the other, on the world becoming clearer.

In the last two weeks, here at MeditYoga, we have been exercising detachment and cultivating mindfulness in our practices. With each new class we bring the theme of the week enriched from the opening, passing through the asanas meditated by the theme, the pranayamas for creative openings of our lungs and the inspiring readings that we carry in our hearts for the rest of the day (or night).

And so we continue together through the seasons of the year, reflecting and seeking more internal awareness. The harmony of nature should be the inspiration for our own nature.

With love,

For your reflection:

- How many times this year did you get up earlier to watch the beauty of the sunrise?

- Do you notice an intimate relationship between your mood and the season? Do you handle it well?

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