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strengthened attitude

“When you live for the next moment, you live for half a life.”

Be present

In November we brought the theme of Transformation to the mat. We talk about Redemption, Appropriation, Strength and Attitude in our classes. Reflecting on this great theme, I found myself repeatedly trying to understand how it is possible to observe the most intimate transformations we go through in life without the attitude of the presence in us.

I'm not referring here to small external changes, day-to-day gifts, such as changing the look, renewing the closet... I'm referring to the subtle slow transformations that offer us a new look inside. Becoming different people every day, maturing in us new visions of the world. Building block by block who we are until we leave this plane. How to be present to experience such internal transformations?

It's that change of country that comes to turn your life upside down, the graduation so worked on in the sweat of each sleepless night, that baby that arrives in the family, the departure of someone who is special to us... How are these remarkable events received by us? And mostly digested? Are we present for each of them?

In Yoga we learn that our body, mind and breath are the anchors for experiencing the present. We learned that accessing ourselves daily can offer us not only stretching and muscle strengthening, but also the possibility of perceiving and digesting ourselves in order to live each direct experience at the moment it happens. And if we are open to every gift that life offers, we can more wisely create a repertoire of welcome and acceptance of the impermanence of living. And this exercise releases, strengthens and transforms!

We let go of the past because we understand that we are a blank slate every day, we let go of ideals because we understand that we are changeable, we start to exercise a free and unimpeded attitude that allows us to live in the totality of what we are every day. How about trying it?

In December, we started the Totalidade module. There will be 3 weeks of inspiring classes focused on Contentment, Harmony and Well-being. Come practice with us. Be present for yourself. Today!

With love,

For your reflection:

- Which internal attitude do you start your day with?

- Do you feel present in every moment it has to offer you?

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