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Transformation to flow

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

“Transform yourself to flow with the changes around you.”

What if each season of the year was a new stage of life to be conquered in personal growth? Cyclically, each year we would have 4 opportunities to achieve something different from what was experienced in the previous phase. Something like wearing a new outfit, communicating in a new language, sharing an unfamiliar community, new habits and multiple plans.

Life more or less presents us with such experiences, however, we insist on following the known patterns, we repeat old sayings (without even understanding their meaning), we keep the same already familiar paths to reach new ranges and we look outside, more than inside , because we believe one day we will find answers and happiness there.

By abandoning our armor and resistance in the face of the new to learn with the intelligence of our body and the wisdom of our mind, we come closer to what we call contentment. And there are many such armors... The armors of incessant desires that never satisfy us, the armors of occupying our minds all the time with uncontrollable problems, the armors of emotions that imprison us to an equally immutable past, and so on.

Going through each season of the year, through each new phase of life, through each emerging from a new and disturbing sensation (physical pain, emotional pain, losses…) is living! That simple. Our everyday experiences are the direct experience possible for us to train our minds with fresh and promising possibilities. Pain comes, not always warning us beforehand, but it also goes away, if we surrender to the temporary presence of each suffering and to the undeniable available resources that we keep inside (or outside communities that we can count on) and that we don't always explore.

Surrender to the wonders, to the surprises that your day, a new season of the year offers and don't create ties, the flow is necessary and healthy.

With love,

For your reflection:

- Can you discriminate what is temporary in your life but is felt as permanent, difficult? Find yourself in self compassion, it is transformative!

- Are you happy and grateful for minimal achievements? Learn to celebrate, fill the soul with joy :)

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