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Understanding With Compassion

“Breathing out loving energy is in itself, transformative.”

Understanding compassion...

This week we had the theme “Understanding with Compassion” permeating all of our MeditYoga activities. With each new subject that we study and bring, in the form of Yoga asanas, meditation, reflection, breathing,… the more I recognize that words are empty if we don't turn them into action. And Yoga is action. Understanding the relationship of our practice on the carpet with what we are off of it is magical! When we decide to arrive on our yoga mat, in that chosen place for practice, at that particular moment, we are already acting with a clear and intentional awareness, of expression. To express yourself with what we bring, with what we are and certainly with some expectations is to be present. When I get to my mat to lead a practice for students who have respectfully made themselves available and open to what I have to offer, I say my yogi prayer, meditate for a few minutes, review the main points of my lesson plan, but more than above all, I make myself equally available (internally) to collect and welcome the present, every minute that follows. Just today I heard: “it is not difficult to find a master. The hard part is finding someone who wants to learn.” When we understand that the teacher-student relationship is a two-way street and that we are fed back by what comes from the other, the more willing we will be for our personal growth. For me, then, who have been in the place of guiding under the teachings of yoga for a short time, I recognize with each new interaction, how rich it is to take on new challenges when the heart is open to experiment and affectionately welcome each new opportunity for encounter. Each class, each student, each posture, each new moment is a breath of deliberate giving in the art of compassionate living. Pause here. Breathe deeply (softly, without straining) for 3 times and feel how these words resonate to you. And my initial intention to express myself freely will have generated a valuable action in this new relationship that we are starting to create here. With love,

For your reflection: Which quality do you attribute to your self-compassion today? How have you cultivated and expressed your compassionate presence lately?

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