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Surfing the Wave of Enthusiasm

“Be aware of your journey and your inner spirit!”

The body moves and the mind awakens

The title of today's post couldn't be any other. Definitely the module "Motivation" in September fit like a glove in my life. The disposition was from the top to the valley, resilience tested at the maximum of stretching and the strength needed to keep in balance, patience put to the test between open messages, comings and goings, waiting and some clear outcomes, others not so much. The pragmatic Virgo in me curiously questions my Pisces rising about the mysteries of the universe conspiring in our favor. Ever! Yes, because I believe that even if the scenario is not what our vain ego expects, it is still what it needs to be. (Almost) Everything seems to have happened in this month of Mercury retrograde in my life. There's Yoga!!!

But as I've already noticed that a door doesn't close until a window is ready to open, what we planned there in August and brought to the mat in the last four weeks, unexpectedly came at the right time here. Working this understanding towards what our internal energy is which is now active in pure loving, radiant and understanding consciousness in Vikshipta* and now is fine Muddha*, the dull mind, in darkness, when willpower is weakened and there is no clarity to discern present events was what was needed for now.

We are here, then, ending this cycle, so following the flow of energy in the universe, we will enter a new phase. Starting next week, spring in Brazil and autumn here in the UK will present us with the Focus module in our classes. Always towards the Consolidation of the Stability of our Emotions, we will practice detachment from what is left behind, full attention to the present moment, compassion towards our vulnerabilities and self-confidence to always move forward. All classes planned and prepared to provide you with an inner look at reconnection, self-care and understanding on your journey. This is the Yoga we believe in.

"Look closely at the ancient tree. Try to trace the shape of its branches. Pay attention to each part: the texture of its surface, the structure of its leaves, observe the curve of its branches, imagine the roots, contemplate its highest point . It survived storms. It was there before you were born. And it will likely survive you." - free translation of Calm® letters.

We invite you to come with us for the October classes. Open for subscriptions!

*both refer to mental states explained in Yoga philosophy, according to Patanjali's Sutras.

With love,

For your reflection:

- How do you see the challenges of your journey?

- Does your vision involve regret or trust?

- How is it possible to bring a positive look to the ordeal situations imposed by life?

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