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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

"To be. Be. Flow in life fully and awaken to the new. Simple as that.”

Who am I?

In June, on my birthday, I enter the 8th septennium, according to Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. The septennium of wisdom with maturity, the harvest of seeds cultivated throughout life and the sedimentation of certainties and purpose.

It is also a phase of life where the body begins to decline in its vitality, some hormonal functions lose fluidity and the marks of time appear without asking for permission. And the daily practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation gives me the emotional and physical balance to look at changes with acceptance and care.

Questions about “Who Am I?” more present themselves as “What I became”. Everything that was sown begins to bear more permanent fruit and it is from these foods that I nourish myself on a daily basis. And, the challenge then becomes transformation, still possible through refinements.

In this week when the world celebrates International Women's Day, we reinforce our identity as a feminine being that resembles mother earth and thus always welcomes others with open arms. And being a woman also makes motherhood possible, that generous blessing of sheltering a new being in our internal space and accompanying him on his own life path. A divine gift.

I'm a daughter, I'm a wife, I'm a mother (of 2 women) and these are some of the roles I currently play. They are part of my identity, yes, but they do not exclusively define me, because what is eternal and definitive is the alliance of my feminine being with the human being and relational (with the other) that completes me.

Who am I? What have I become? In multiple women sheltered within my unique being who in her imperfect humanity is experiencing each new moment intensely nourishing herself from new learnings, towards integrity.

With love,

For your reflection:

- How do you access your identity from the perspective of your being and not that of others?

- What do you want to become?

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