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“Embracing. Embracing the other. Embracing the world. In the sound of silence to be unique. To be Yoga.”

Embracing with compassion

In the first module of MeditYoga, we talked about Recognition. We offer the reunion with sensations, strengths, vulnerabilities and close with compassion. During that same time, we were stimulated by various feelings arising from events in the world. Feelings that we are probably still digesting.

In the continuation of the Construction of our Emotional Stability, in the coming weeks we will address the topic of Reception. In Yoga philosophy, there is a Yama that refers to non-possessiveness. When we analyze this teaching, we observe that our attachment to events, objects, people, situations, feelings and even the time that has passed comes from the need for stability. Of living the “satisfaction” of the known, even knowing that life is unpredictable and sometimes reality is painful.

It turns out that we evolved and today we have much more resources to understand that we can live better if we surrender to the transience of situations. That nothing is fixed, stable or lasts forever. We are learning that we are the source of everything we crave. Peace, love, beauty, donation… But why is it so difficult to experience this free inner flow every day?

Note that there are two misaligned worlds. An external that stimulates us by the feeling of scarcity, encouraging us to look at what we don't have. And another internal, powerful but neglected, ready to be awakened, of immeasurable, individual value: our perfect essence.

By deciding to look inward with dedication, we identify the strength of our wholeness. Letting go of attachment to life's passing events and better understanding how to welcome ourselves in the present. From this place we realize that we have much more to share than to receive. May we find the balance of these two worlds and that, in the challenges of life, we know where to return our gaze each day. Meditate!

With love,

For your reflection:

From what place (internal or external) have you inhabited the world?

What can you embrace there?

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