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About Intention

“Transiting between wanting and the real intention for action.”

We return to live classes this month. And we return with renewed motivation to continue guiding and enriching ourselves with the special women who are part of our MeditYoga community. And we start by activating our own energy, our genuine intent, aligning it all with our greater purpose than our work. So it was and always is with each new beginning. Find and renew yourself in everyday motivation, but in parts.

On a daily basis, we get lost and confused by external pressures, pointing us in directions that are not ours, but the most “desired” or most accepted. Our motivation has to be internal, in the deep layers of our body parts, integrated into the peaceful and clean mind. This motivation comes clean, more committed to the truth.

As we wake up to the awakening of a new consciousness, we gradually generate the necessary distance to gain clarity in looking at and naming things honestly and truthfully. Our consciousness, out of habit, gets confused, takes on a new guise as a mind, and maybe that's where we get lost.

Our mind tricks us into believing that it points us the right way, without first looking inside, in the pause and not feeling what our state points to at that moment. The mind does not represent us, does not define us. It is the expression of current and ancient layers, of conditioning, of tendencies, laden with little consciousness, but with intense activity.

We have to wake up so that, when we put a “tick” on our list of tasks, of plans, we are present and in connection, by choice. We also bring attention to what and how we motivate ourselves to do so. Well, the state of presence allows us to perceive the stimulus (or lack thereof) for such a task whereas, when our minds are “wandering”, we do not even perceive the absence of life taken over by the automation of the action. We distance ourselves from our human condition.

Doing and appreciating, acting and being connected, feeling and welcoming are basic formulas for awakening and activating the vital and pulsating energy of our Being.

With love,

For your reflection:

- Do you realize if the decision to embrace your well-being is in your favor and not in favor of fulfilling a role or agreeing with the outside world?

- How do you access that sacred and secret place in your heart? Do you need outside help for this? Feel free to go get it?

- What helps you stay motivated on good days is not the reason, but the well-being caused. We get kind of ′′ addicted ′′ to this pleasant and comforting serotonin. Activate it in your routine!

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